Laroche valmont - t'as le look coco

Sometimes, certain fragrances present themselves to me as colors. For example, Eternity for Men is always bright green in my mind, Aramis is dark brown, YSL's l'Nuit is an off-white.

If you follow any of that, then it will make sense to you when I say that Opium is light brown. Not that these are the notes associated with it, but it's brown like cinammon, brown like leather, brown like dad's briefcase. It smells an awful lot like dad.

But enough of the impressionism, it's the notes we're after. The trunk of this tree is that black currant and peppery vanilla combination, while the leaves of this tree are the anise notes. The anise is what makes this scent so unique, but it's a supporting character in this cast, not a leading role. It's there the whole time, and you can smell it, but it's the harmonic counterpoint in the duet, not the melody.

You know anise, of course, it's associated with black licorice. That sweet-spicy, tingly scent. That's what is framing this fragrance, wrapping the black currant and pepper-vanilla, and giving Opium that unmistakable scent profile.

The projection is, thankfully, strong but subdued. People will smell this on you, but they won't be assaulted by the scent.

The longevity is also, quite fortunately, above average. Nearly six hours after application, I can still smell this gorgeous juice on my wrists and neck (one spray to each wrist, two sprays to the neck). It's obviously not as strong as it was six hours ago, but it's also more than a skin scent.

This might be one of the top ten perfect spicy-sweet fragrances on the market in terms of notes balance, longevity, and projection. A perfect scent for the fall and winter months, and completely appropriate for daily use.

Paco Rabanne launches Invictus , its new fragrance for men, which represents fresh and sporty creation in relation to the other perfumes of the house. The fragrance comes out in July 2013. Invictus , which is Latin for "invincible," represents power, dynamism and energy.

Laroche Valmont - T'as Le Look CocoLaroche Valmont - T'as Le Look CocoLaroche Valmont - T'as Le Look CocoLaroche Valmont - T'as Le Look Coco