Dirty deal analong on treasure island

That’s not to say that TableTop Cricket is a barebones game. There’s a wide array of shot selection available – both front and back foot, including reverse sweeps, late cuts, pulls, hooks, etc, and when bowling, all sorts of swing, seam and spin options are available. Like DBC 14, all batting and bowling controls reside on the two analong sticks, but it’s far easier to pick up here. Batting is a lot of fun, and putting up a big score is genuinely a challenge purely because of how crowded the field is and how hard it is to find gaps. Bowling, however, is let down by batting AI that is easily gamed. On numerous occasions during the game’s main World Tour mode, I’ve had the AI all out off the first ten balls of the innings. So most of the matches I’ve played have been terribly one-sided, which is a shame because (when you’re not sitting through the baffling long loading screens) World Tour mode is quite fun, especially with the scenario-based challenges that are thrown in.

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Dirty Deal Analong On Treasure Island