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I went earlier this december to another, smaller wine-tasting event, this was Vinibio , it was as you guess focusing on organic domaines. It took place in the Carreau du Temple , a beautiful piece of architecture, formerly a covered market built in 1863 by Jules de Mérindol. My feeling at first is that the event lacked life and cheerfulness, everything was nice, classy and spotless like the gentrified Marais neighborhood around, but it missed something warmful (but this said there was many workshops and conferences the other days which I missed). That was until I stumbled on the Jolly Ferriol stand though, with Isabelle and Jean-Luc it wasn't only about people dealing wines made from organic vineyards, everything was different, a whole philosophy of life that has made their wines stand above. And in this regard I think it vindicates Rudolf Steiner's approach in the sense that a farm must be a living being, it doesn't suffice to just apply an organic farming protocol, it's important to breath life into what you do, something by far not all the "vignerons bio" do, and their wines can't hide that alas, notwithstanding the fact that many may have a productivist & conventional approach in the cellar.

Various - The Best Of DiscoboxVarious - The Best Of DiscoboxVarious - The Best Of DiscoboxVarious - The Best Of Discobox